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197 homes

We became a user owned water system when the community purchased the privately owned system from C & J Sanders on June 26, 2011.

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Our water system is reliable. We have had very few localized unscheduled shutdowns for maintenance, and extreme weather rarely suspends service.

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We meet all South Dakota and Federal water quality and safety requirements. We test our water daily to ensure our system is working properly.

About Us

The mission of Hisega Meadows Water Inc. is to continue providing clean and dependable water for its 197 members, planning for the future sustainability of our water system in a cooperative and responsible manner.

Meeting Minutes

Read our archived meeting minutes and stay in touch with how we are changing and improving our community water system.

By Laws

Read our By Laws, Rules and Regulations - enacted by our organization to provide a framework for our operation and management.

Self Billing Record

We trust our members to take accurate readings from their water meters, saving the community thousands of dollars per year - which would be needed to employ meter-reading personel. If you need a new self-billing record book, you can download the form here.


Scot Licht, Manager & Operator p: 342-2254
Larry Deibert, Bookkeeper

Meet our Board Members & Staff

Our Staff handle the day-to-day operations of our water system, as well as finding and fixing problems, and maintaining clean and reliable water service to our homes and businesses.

Our board members are the leadership behind our organization. Their time and effort are important for guiding and improving our community water system over time.

Contact us

Justin Mayes


Vice President

John Kolasa



Jane Russell



Craig Fischer



Steve Vadney



Scot Licht


Book Keeper/Transcriber

Larry Deibert


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to our members' most common questions.


What Are Our rates?

See our rate table.


How Reliable is our service?

Keep an eye on the announcements section for notice on scheduled and unscheduled service interruptions.


How Clean is Our Water?

Learn more about our water quality standards.


All our projects are aimed at continually making our water cheaper and more reliable well into the future.

Past Projects

Over the years, we have done a lot to upgrade and enhance our aging water system.

Current Projects

Check out the infrastructural projects that we are currently working on.

Future Projects

These are the projects that are coming down the pipeline - needed to ensure the best service for years to come.


Important news about maintenance and unscheduled service interruptions as well as meeting dates.

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at the Johnson Siding fire station

Monthly Meeting

Our regular monthly board meeting - everyone is welcome to attend - to stay informed and learn how to take part in improving our water system.

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No Repairs In Progress - No Service Interruptions -

We Currently have No service interruptions

In the case of unexpected service interruption, details will be provided here.

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Next Scheduled Maintenance service interruption


There is no major maintenance work scheduled in the next month.